Grieving Horse Emotionally Splits Down in His Master’s Funeral


Puppies are supposed to be man’s most loyal companions, including millions of puppies being watched after by people across the globe. Still, few do people understand; horses are likewise popular pets. They used to be practical creatures, including the wealthy using them to travel, before cars or being used to plow fields. While they aren’t used as serving animals in the most significant parts of the society these days, there are yet lots of people that own and ride horses, creating a unique relationship that no one can disclose. This was revealed lately while a horse couldn’t manage the death of his precious master, and it made everyone’s hearts ache.

The Accident 

Wagner Lima was closest companions with his four-legged partner, Sereno. The horse adored his master, the same amount of as his master loved him. The two were inseparable. Wagner and Sereno lived in Brazil and had an incredibly fantastic time together for just about eight years. Suddenly, an unexpected and surprising occasion implied their relationship was stopped. Everybody’s evil thoughts worked out as expected.

Wagner was riding a bike when he was tragically met with a streetcar accident. Sadly, he passed away not long after the crash from his wounds. Sereno didn’t have the idea about it; however, his companion went out, yet never returned. Sereno waited and waited, calmly yet he never came. The pony most likely thought that he had been disregarded by his master. In any case, when Wagner’s family ended up mindful that he had abandoned his closest companion, they chose to show Sereno what occurred, so Wagner’s sibling, Wando, took Sereno to the church.

Moment to Say Goodbye

Sereno began smelling the box, clearly knowing that his master was within. Next, starting to become very upset, he laid his head on the casket to offer farewell and began stepping the ground when he understood he could never be with Wagner again. It was an exceptionally warm moment for everybody included, particularly Sereno. He will always remember Wagner.

Wagner cherished his pony without a doubt, and he was a part of the house. Consequently, they couldn’t leave him; thus, Wando, his sibling, offered to look after Sereno and cherish him just like Wagner did.

Who realized that ponies could build such firm bonds with their masters. Everybody says dogs are man’s closest companions, and the facts show that we, as people, do develop lasting relationships with our pets, possibly horses are man’s most intimate companions too. Sereno and Wagner unmistakably had something unique that nobody will ever have the capability to understand.