Mercury is Preparing Retrograde on Halloween and You Should Brace Yourself


While we already try to fear the Mercury retrograde is starting on Halloween is somewhat the disturbing thought for everyone. While it may not end up as bad as we suppose, the fear which is hidden beneath it is very true. 

This journey of Mercury will be retrograding in the Scorpio sign and will stay at that place retrograding until 20th of November. Our interactions, intimacy levels will be checked in this retrograde and we will be pushed to find the truth. We should be prepared to listen anything that truth is and something which is totally different is the truth sometimes.

With respect to this retrograding span Pandora Astrology Stated as follows:  

Beware of the lure of research during this Mercury retrograde period. It’s possible to get caught up in ferreting out information to the point of obsession. They say “the truth can set you free” and this transit was tailor-made to reveal information previously hidden or opaque that brings clarity—and if your relationship ends, at least you are free to pursue something better. That may not sound very comforting, but really, there’s no transit like this one for getting you out of a bad relationship—which might not come clear until months, or even years, later. 

This transit is a great time for a sit-down, all-in, no-holds-barred honest conversation with your partner (either spouse or business partner) about shared finances. It’s time to revisit how you and your partner run money through the system that you are together and to tighten up the ship so that you can be strong in your alliance and money doesn’t have to get between you. If you’ve been keeping financial secrets you’d better find a way to reveal them before Mercury does it for you, casting you in the worst possible light. Time to man up. 

It is essential to be vulnerable at this phase but it is also important to hold your own. You have to stay strong during the whole time while being who you actually are in the inside. For most of the people, this ordeal has the ability to ruin their holiday but it is supportive in the long run as well. You might feel more amused overall from the theory itself and might actually throw you off. 

It seems to be a common thing for Mercury to always retrograde at the bad days of our life, but we all develop because of it. While it is not always sweetness and light it is something that supports us to become better persons. It is better not to spend a lot of time speaking and focus on hearing while Mercury is on retrograde. When you listen to those closest to you out the better off your relationships may appear to happen. 

Halloween can be considered as an active time phase for us all and filled with fantasy so this is further bang for the time. Do not let anyone to make you get stuck into anything you don’t want to interfere with. Stand up and raise your voice for yourself within reason and let these energies to carry out anything it is they plan for you.